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No appointment needed

We do all jewellery repairs “in-house”

Most jewellers send your precious goodies to outside contractors.
There are 3 problems with this.
  1. The risk of accidental loss or robbery during transit.
  2. Theft from uninsured and insecure contractors.
  3. Lost in translation. How often have you heard about mistaken instructions in jewellery repairs? We hear it a lot! E.g. A sales person books your repair in and admin person writes new instructions and then the contractor, who often doesn’t speak much English, misinterprets the instructions.
Our sales people are a few metres from our jewellers.
  • David in Brighton has been with us for more than 30 years and can repair or remake anything!
  • Johnny in Canterbury has clocked up 20 years with us and we have never seen him fail!
The sales team will always call the jeweller out for complex or difficult repairs.
So just call in any weekday after 9.30am and we will solve your problem. The jewellers don’t usually work on Saturdays.