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What Does an Emerald Symbolise?

April 20, 2023

Emeralds have been highly sought after for centuries owing to their captivating shades of green, as well as their symbolism. Throughout history, emeralds have been used to represent love, luck, fertility, and good health. The colour green is frequently associated with balance and harmony, as well as growth, prosperity, and new beginnings.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning gift, or are enchanted by the idea of purchasing your own piece of stunning emerald jewellery in Melbourne, an emerald could be the perfect option for you. While there might be difficult decisions to make when it comes to purchasing jewellery, such as whether to go for green sapphire versus emerald or even green diamond versus emerald, each stone will have its unique charms and benefits. 


Emerald Symbolism

Throughout the ages, this precious gemstone has been valued by various cultures due to it being a symbol of fertility, renewal, and growth.

Egyptologists note that in ancient Egypt, emeralds were associated with the goddess of fertility and love, Hathor. The gems were also believed to provide protection against evil forces and bring their wearers good luck. In Hindu culture, emeralds have traditionally been seen as stones of eternal youth and linked to the Hindu god Vishnu, who is believed to be the protector and preserver of life. Christians are also said to believe that Jesus wore an emerald to protect God’s people from harm. These historical and cultural anecdotes highlight how highly this precious gemstone has been valued throughout various cultures for centuries.


Wealth and Abundance

The vibrant green emerald has also often been associated with wealth and prosperity. It is said to bring abundance to those who keep it near. Should you wish to attract greater financial success into your life, it has been said that harnessing the energy of an emerald gemstone can increase the probability of success in this area of life.


Balance and Harmony

Emeralds are said to bring clarity and perspective to their wearers in times of difficulty. The gemstone’s green hue aligns with the heart chakra, making it a powerful reminder to stay connected to your intuition and emotions. The deep green colour of the emerald is said to evoke greater feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, and peace, while also being a vivid symbol of growth and renewal.

These positive attributes appeal to seeking spiritual growth and a positive outlook on life.


Rejuvenation and Renewal

To the ancient Egyptians, emeralds signified eternal life, a belief shared by the Aztecs and Incas who prized the gemstone as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. It is because of this association with renewal and rebirth that emeralds were associated with the season of spring. In Renaissance Europe, they were used to invoke passion in both relationships and artworks.

In our modern world, emeralds remain a symbol of well-being and are thought to bring about positive emotions for people who may be suffering or experiencing difficulty in areas of their lives. The emerald is also the birthstone of the month of May, and it is said to bring great luck to wearers of the stone born in this month.


In Summary

The symbolism behind the emerald goes far beyond its obvious natural beauty. It is a powerful and meaningful stone. Wearing jewellery that incorporates one of these stunning stones may have far-reaching benefits beyond its undeniable aesthetic appeal. By embracing the qualities of the emerald, you will simultaneously invite both stunning beauty and a wealth of symbolism into your life!

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