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 Holloway Diamonds Diamond Trade Up - a revolutionary new concept, completely transparent and generous!


Here's how it works


Bring any diamond* of more than 0.25ct and we will credit you with its full resale value to your trade up. Any old diamond, good, bad or ugly, for a new bigger or better quality diamond. All we ask is that you (or someone else?)make an equal value contribution.


Say we put a fair resale value for your diamond of $5,000. Add your minimum contribution (or more and you get a bigger diamond!), and you select your new Holloway ideal cut diamond worth $10,000. It's that simple!


Selling second hand takes time and energy and is a security risk. You can get ripped off. We will cash in the current equity in your diamond, and you secure a fine quality Holloway diamond.


Your diamond will be offered for sale at the same price fair resale value, fair for both the buyer and seller. Often trade-up diamonds are used to match lost or old diamonds.


Trade up again and again, but with a higher trade up value on a Holloway diamond! Some clients have even traded down in weight, but their whiter and brighter Holloway diamond looks bigger and outshines the old stone.


Come in to either store for a free assessment of your old diamonds trade up value.


* Because we only sell natural diamonds of natural colour we can not accept synthetic, clarity enhanced or colour treated diamonds.